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Mum cleaned out a drawer in her hutch and found this garter clip she says was Grandma’s. It could be sixty, even seventy, years old.

How did it end up in the dining room hutch?

One story about my Grandma that I particularly like is that she NEVER wore a bra. She wore slips. Mum says she tried to get her to wear one a few times but she was not interested. Go Grandma!

I’m thinking she may have left it behind after a visit.

Bras became common in the UK after WWI when she was maybe 19 or 20. I suspect she may not have had a chance to try one until she was older. And by then she probably thought, omg, why would I wear this?

I used to stay with her when my parents were away. She would give me her bed and sleep in Grandpa’s room. I remember her sitting on her bed, unrolling her stockings. She preferred them to pantyhose. Neither my Grandma, my Mum nor I like restrictive garments around our middles.

And somehow it ended up in the the drawer with decks of cards and books of matches from the 1980s.

In case you don’t know, a garter clip was/is used to hold a stocking to a garter belt. I was today years old when I learned the garter clip design is the same as an old style suspender clip. Pressing that little button through the metal holder has a pleasant feel. The button is made of soft rubber and is almost pillowy. It sort of blops into the metal loop. A gentle and firm pinch.

In 1998 Grandma was living in Victoria, BC. Her senior residence had a party for her 103rd and invited the media. The staff made her that incredible crown. This photo was in the local paper, the Times Colonist. She died later that year.

No bra, a slip and stockings. The secrets of longevity?

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