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  • For all ages

    My parents often had a couple of parties over the Christmas season. Having games around that people could play was part of how they entertained. The games were for the kids, of course, but the adults would dip in. Labyrintspel is a tricky game. It beleaguered my patience no end. I couldn’t even get the […]

  • Flossing

    After Dad died, I organized his stuff. When I cleaned out his bathroom I found the dental floss he was using when he died. It was pretty new. So, I kept it and used it up. I allowed myself to believe using the floss gave me a special connection to him that would help establish […]

  • The 50

    As I learn to de-precious, I am discovering that some very small items can take up an enormous amount of space. This boat key is one of them. I found it in Dad’s shop after he died. I was around seven when he bought a speedboat with a 50 horsepower Mercury outboard motor. I remember […]

  • Time-O-Lite

    Before computers, my father was a photographer and he developed his own photographs in a dark room. He used the Time-O-Lite to time the exposure of a negative onto photo sensitive paper. The image wouldn’t be visible until the paper was bathed in developer chemicals. It was magical. I was of course, not allowed to […]

  • Beach walks with Dad

    My father had a habit of collecting a bit of driftwood when he went for a walk on the beach. Later, he would write on it. Documenting the location, the date and sometimes, his companions. Over the years, they piled up and made a little beach on a shelf… and then after he died, a […]